We Support

Makakilo Bible Church supports many different ministries both directly and indirectly. We also encourage our church members to help and support like-minded missionaries and ministries here and abroad. Here are our primary affiliations:

  • Premend Choy

    Mr. Choy is currently our missionary to Fiji, where he is from. After getting a theological education in the US, he returned to pastor a church and lead a free seminary (Fiji College of the Bible). He and his wife, Ashwin, reside in Lautoka, Fiji. We give to him through Ambassadors of Christ International.

  • Kevin Flierl

    Kevin Flierl a missionary, living in Jestetten, Germany and works in Switzerland. There are several churches and pastors whom he assists, he is very active in street evangelism, and he regularly supports the broader needs throughout Europe for Greater Europe Mission. Click here to support Kevin.

  • The Master's Fellowship

    The Master’s Fellowship is an association of pastors and missionaries bound together by love for the Living Word, The Master, our Lord Jesus, the church for which He died, and the bold proclamation of the exposited written word. It is a network of like-minded pastors and missionaries who share core biblical convictions of doctrine and praxis. TMF is affiliated with The Master's Seminary in Los Angeles, California.